Recently Completed Assignments

Company Type & Position

Investment Bank        Vice President, Evaluations

Investment Bank        Vice President, Evaluations

Investment Bank        Vice President – Geology

Investment Bank        GeoTech (2)

Investment Bank        Vice President, A&D Geologist

Investment Bank        VP – A&D Geologist

Investment Bank        Vice President – Evaluation

Investment Bank        Vice President – Geology

Investment Bank        A&D Geologist

Investment Bank        VP. Sr. Evaluations Engineer

Investment Bank        PetroTech

Investment Bank        Vice President Senior Evaluations Engineer (2)

Multinational Bank    RBL Reservoir Engineer (3)

Integrated OFS Co.     Head of Drilling & Drilling Services

OFS Co.                          Team Lead – Electronics Engineering

OFS Co.                          VP Engineering, Manufacturing & Sustaining

OFS Co.                          Sr. Director Manufacturing

OFS Co.                          Technical Specialist – (3)

Private Equity Co.        Director Technical Services

Credit Platform             VP Technical

Credit Platform             Technical Associate

Credit Platform             Evaluations Engineer

E&P         Controller

E&P         CFO

E&P         EVP Land

E&P         Advisor/Senior Geologist for the Permian Basin

E&P         Production Operations Manager

E&P         Geoscientist

E&P         Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor

E&P         Reservoir Engineer, Reserves Group

E&P         Controller

E&P         Sr. Reservoir Engineer

E&P         Geoscience Manager

E&P         Completions Engineer – Eagle Ford

E&P         Vice President of Production

E&P         Drilling Manager

E&P         Land Manager

E&P         Vice President, Technical

E&P         Senior Reservoir Engineer

E&P         VP- Business Development

E&P         Production Manager

E&P         Evaluations Engineer

E&P         Geoscience New Ventures Manager