Who We Are

 We are management and technical specialists who know the oil and gas industry. Our unique industry experience and earned reputation for performance, confidentiality and integrity are unparalleled. 

The Energists has recruited high-impact players for clients in the United States and around the world for more than 30+ years. 

Our expertise will enhance your most valuable resource.... People.


What We Do

The task of identifying, evaluating and securing high-performance management, commercial and technical professionals is difficult and time consuming, yet critical to the success of an organization -- especially in today's fast-paced, highly transitional business environment. The decision as to which individual to select can often be as significant as deciding on a new venture or expansion, for each are investments in the company's future. 


What We Think

With more than 30 years of recruiting experience in the oil and gas industry, we've formed a lot of opinions on the industry and how to succeed within it.

Knowing how to succeed in this industry and what it takes to accomplish your career goals is essential information that every individual needs to understand. Based on our years of experience and understanding of the industry, we have compiled some strategies that will help you succeed.


Contact Information

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