Who We Are

We are a specialist recruiting and executive search firm operating exclusively in the energy industry. Established in 1979, we recruit for oil & gas, power & utilities and renewable energy positions with a team that comprises former energy industry executives, technical experts and functional professionals. This direct industry experience helps reduce risk and adds value for our clients.

How We Differ

We have two interrelated practice areas: (1) recruiting/executive search and; (2) talent advisory and optimization.

Niche expertise and clearly defined processes yield top tier execution, whether as part of a tactical hire or strategic management of change initiative.

Having a track record that extends across all forms of energy is a key competitive advantage for The Energists. This is in part because there are many opportunities for crossover: energy is a mix and generation, marketing & trading, transmission & distribution happen regardless of the fuel source.

The Energists’ service extends far beyond identifying, vetting, and presenting candidates. It includes the role of industry expert, advisor, confidant, mediator and, perhaps most importantly, advocate on clients’ behalf.

The Energists reduces cost and risk for clients by helping them achieve key business objectives: we access and evaluate talent others cannot.

What We Think

Over the years we have seen many business cycles and trends. Today, within the context of ESG investing and Industry 4.0, our core opinions remain unchanged:

  • Skills, knowledge and behaviors are all important.
  • Every business is a people business.
  • Specialization is key.
  • Integrity is paramount.

In The Community

The Energists strive to make a positive difference in the communities where we live and operate; the firm donates both time and money to several charities on an ongoing basis. Since the end of 2018, two non-profits the firm supports stand out in their aim to make a significant difference to the lives of young people. These are Small Steps Nurturing Center and Katy Rugby Football Club.

Here’s what our clients had
to say about their experience

I’ve known The Energists for nearly 15 years. During my tenure in New Ventures at Southwestern Energy, we were seeking a real innovative Completions Subject Expert, someone at the front end of what is one of the fastest evolving segments of our business. We had tried the usual routes; old acquaintances, friends of friends, with no success.

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John Campbell, COO | Sierra Resources, LLC

One of [our] biggest challenges in creating the first of a new Canadian asset class of ‘foreign asset income trusts’ was finding quality energy sector talent in the Houston market. We needed an experienced Vice President of Operations to lead our expansion efforts in the United States. The Energists were quick to respond and provided us with a number of excellent candidates to choose from.

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Richard W. Clark, President and CEO | Eagle Energy Trust

I have known The Energists team for over 25 years. My experience and observations of their work includes utilization of their search expertise to fill key technical and leadership positions. I was also the successful candidate on one of their executive searches.

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William R. (Bill) Picquet, Senior Vice President of Operations | Ultra Petroleum Corporation

The Energists recruited and secured several candidates that surpass the common standard in the industry regarding capabilities, integrity, and personality. They sourced top-tier individuals that meet [our] standard of excellence and the next generation of leadership in the space we occupy. The Energists also possess the uncanny ability to engage the high performance candidates that are happy in their current position and are not seeking other opportunities.

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Ralph Eads, Vice Chairman | Jefferies
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