Your oil and gas recruitment team

Is your organization undergoing, or about to experience, change that requires an oil and gas recruiting team? Do you need a recruiter that specializes in oil fields? An experienced and professional executive search firm can be a valuable resource when new investors, a change in strategic direction or a digital transformation create new talent requirements. With extensive experience in supporting clients with their oil & gas recruitment needs, we are well positioned to provide experienced personnel for a variety of projects.

The oil and gas sector is undergoing a dynamic evolution. Finding the right talent to lead and implement change can be challenging. The Energists’ recruiting department supports clients’ HR departments to deliver the talent you need. Call the professional recruiters and executive search team who have been successfully sourcing strategic leadership and hard to find senior technical managers and directors to the oil and gas industry since 1979.

Downstream Oil & Gas

Having the technology, big data and an agile supply chain are all important to refining, product marketing, and retail operations but recruiting the right talent who knows how to optimize available resources is the key to continued growth. If you are looking for that human resource, consulting with a professional oil and gas recruitment team is a prudent business decision.

Upstream Oil & Gas

E&P organizations are facing an ever-changing market environment filled with technical and regulatory challenges. We live in that community and we speak your language. When you need assistance recruiting the right leadership and technical talent, we can help. We are particularly strong in the areas of Unconventionals, Offshore, Deepwater, Subsea and A&D.

Midsteam Oil & Gas

The Industrial Internet of Things is here. Has your midstream organization embraced it? Does it know how? Digital transition can result in a significant reduction in operating costs particularly for fee-based industries that are dominated by huge legacy assets. Recruiting the leader who can navigate this new environment and successfully optimize the merging of old and new is a specialty of our executive search team.

Oil Field Services and Equipment

The technology that dramatically improved performance for the E&P sector, coupled with a dynamic global market, sent many OFSE companies into a tailspin. Smarter drilling rigs, equipment that requires less service, and new drilling technologies sent rental rigs from a high of 5,600 in 1981 to less than half of that today. Recruiting the talent who can offer the strategic planning and implementation skills to keep up with a rapidly changing industry is a challenge. If that’s where you find yourself, we can help add clarity to your objectives and find the talent you are looking for.

Case Study - Executive Recruiting is About More than Matchmaking

The Problem

A private oil and gas exploration and production company had an urgent need for an innovative Completions Subject Matter Expert at the front end of what was one of the fastest growing segments of the company’s business. They spent 10 months searching without finding the mix of skills and experience they required. The talent gap resulted in the delay achieving strategic objectives.

The Solution

The company engaged The Energists’ oil and gas recruiting team. After a detailed briefing regarding the parameters of the position, its responsibilities and authorities, the recruiters went to work. Within 40 days, The Energists had identified, interviewed, and completed comprehensive vetting of two candidates. Face-to-face client interviews were arranged and one of the candidates received an offer from the client. The Energists assisted in recruiting the candidate and bringing the deal across the line.

The Outcome

The addition of the new talent had a measurable impact on the efficiency of the client’s operation. The whole team’s confidence in the direction of their efforts greatly improved.

How We Can Help

We can you help find top oil and gas talent across the globe. We have a presence in the following cites: Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Al-Khobar, Austin, Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Damman, Denver, Dhahran, Dubai, Glasgow, Houston, Limassol, London, Los Angeles, Manama, Manchester, Mexico City, Midland, Minot, New York, Nicosia, Oklahoma City, Perth, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney and Tulsa.

Typical Roles We Fill in Oil & Gas Recruitment and Executive Search

"The Energists' oil and gas recruiting team know the E&P sector extremely well. They have hundreds, if not thousands, of up to date contacts with business leaders in our industry. They are exceptional in understanding the hard and necessary soft skills that are required when recruiting high impact candidates. And possibly most important, the team at The Energists are exceptional listeners. They listen to what it is we are looking for, and bring us a very short list of targeted candidates that exactly match our requirements."
John Campbell, COO | Sierra Resources, LLC
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