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If you are a CEO, COO, CFO or CHRO of a renewable energy firm, you already know that change is the only constant in your industry and that a reputable recruiter and executive search team may help. Change requires leadership that is agile, flexible and technically competent. Your choice of an energy-focused executive recruiting service can prove critical in bringing clarity to your job requirements and acquiring the talent you need to continue competitive growth.

Deloitte identified three favorable trends that will likely shape renewable growth. Those trends include emerging policies that support renewable growth, expanding investor interest in the sector, and advancing technologies that boost wind and solar energy’s value to the grid, asset owners, and customers. To recruit the right talent to take advantage of these trends, you need to contact the professional energy executive recruiters at The Energists.

Case Study - The Difference Capable Recruiting Services Make

The Problem 

A Canadian company formed a business unit to market turnkey renewable energy systems to commercial, residential, and government sectors. They contacted The Energists recruiting team in search of a Vice President of Operations. The position is responsible for developing a global strategy and oversees product development, marketing, sales, and procurement. The position is considered key to the successful launch of the new unit.

The Solution

After meeting with the client and analyzing the requirements which included an advanced degree in an appropriate science or engineering discipline and over a decade in a  related senior leadership role, our renewable energy recruiter began a search of our network. Within 60 days, we had identified 2 candidates, had face-to-face interviews, completed comprehensive background checks and arranged client interviews. The client made an offer to one of the candidates and The Energists completed the recruiting effort and assisted in the candidate’s resignation and onboarding process.

The Outcome

With the key leadership position filled by motivated and qualified talent, the renewable energy system business unit was able to launch on time furthering the company’s strategic objectives.

How We Can Help

We can you help find top renewable energy talent across the globe. We have a presence in the following cites: Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Al-Khobar, Austin, Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Damman, Denver, Dhahran, Dubai, Glasgow, Houston, Limassol, London, Los Angeles, Manama, Manchester, Mexico City, Midland, Minot, New York, Nicosia, Oklahoma City, Perth, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney and Tulsa.

Typical Roles We Fill in Renewable Energy Recruitment and Executive Search

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