From state level agencies (engaged in matters of policy and procurement), to publicly owned municipal utilities ranging from major cities to rural cooperatives, the public sector plays an important role in delivering energy to the people and organizations who need it.
Since the dawn of power during the Industrial Revolution, virtually all sources of energy have received some form of government support. At the beginning of the 20th century the US government introduced tax incentives to encourage the drilling for oil. Prior to WW2, the government’s focus shifted to federal finance for dams and hydroelectric power. Upon the nuclear age in the 1950s the government began helping finance nuclear power research.

Today, within the context of the transition away from fossil fuels in the energy mix, various government programs designed to provide finance and other incentives for alternative renewable energy use, are in effect. These coincide with ongoing efforts around grid modernization and electrification. Executing upon these programs whether matters of policy at the state level, or operational at the utility level, requires competent staff.

There are many ways to organize an electrical system: privately owned utilities are just one of many viable options in the United States. Municipalization represents an alternative model that continues to attract increasing attention, as the energy transition gains increasing attention.

The firm continues to build a reputation of delivery within the Government and Not-for Profit sector. Outside of the firm’s robust, mature processes and extensive network, part of our success is underpinned by organizational competency around navigating complex regulatory environments. In addition, successfully sourcing and crossing over appropriately qualified candidates from the private sector, requires a nuanced approach.
Many of these bodies, regardless of size, turn to The Energists for help when it comes to sourcing the requisite talent; from Bureau Chiefs, Assistant Commissioners, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Superintendents. If you are a government or not-for-profit with needs, contact us to learn more.

Alternative Employee Value Proposition

The Problem

A midwestern state’s power agency mandated to provide a clean, reliable, equitable, and cost-effective energy future for residents and businesses across the state, was faced with the planned retirement of its Bureau Chief, Planning & Procurement. The agency also administers incentive programs and procurements to promote renewable and zero-carbon energy generation, while building an equitable clean energy future for all residents. In addition to his operational duties, the incumbent had played a key role in the building of the agency and its systems since it was created more than 15 years ago.

With a job description, candidate credentials and compensation package defined by statute, various rigid compliance criteria would need to be accommodated. Our client wished to see candidates with both public and private sector experience. With the differing employee value propositions between each sector, and the rigidity of key job description criteria, this would be a complicated search. Furthermore, approaching legislation around energy transition provided a tight timeline for delivery.

The Solution

After meeting with the client’s executive leadership team and analyzing the specific requirements which included an advanced degree, and extensive direct experience within energy procurement and risk management, our sector specialist team began an extensive search. This effort was executed in collaboration with the client, and alongside an external advertising campaign. Additionally, a thorough review of all pre-existing candidates provided by the client was undertaken.

Within ninety days, we had moved from an extensive long list to a short list of 5 complying candidates, each of whom were interviewed by the client. Following these interviews, the field was narrowed down to just two finalists.
The Energists attempted to split the finalists to help the client make a final decision. This effort included the deployment of behavioral assessment tools and conducting additional reference checks. Ultimately, a very difficult hiring decision was made and The Energists completed the recruiting effort by assisting in the successful candidate’s resignation and onboarding process.

The Outcome

With this key position filled by a motivated and qualified candidate, the Agency’s governance role was consolidated, and they were fully staffed ready to execute upon the new legislation as it went into effect. In addition to the successful outcome of this search, the exercise provides a classic case study of how search firms and clients perform best when working in a truly collaborative fashion.

Typical Roles We Fill in Government & Not-for-Profits Energy Projects

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