“I’ve known The Energists for nearly 15 years. During my tenure in New Ventures at Southwestern Energy, we were seeking a real innovative Completions Subject Expert, someone at the front end of what is one of the fastest evolving segments of our business. We had tried the usual routes; old acquaintances, friends of friends, with no success. After 10 months, we had interviewed a half dozen candidates, but no one fit the caliber of expertise that the position required. We engaged The Energists and in 40 days they presented us with two exceptional candidates and helped us successful recruit our first choice.

Most recently, at Sierra Resources, we needed a Drilling Manager with a very specific skill set. Sierra engaged The Energists and they successfully secured an exceptional candidate within about three weeks. Again, they were extremely helpful in not only finding a candidate that we otherwise would not have known about, but they facilitated in getting our candidate across the finish line. This second step can be as challenging as finding the right candidate and I give The Energists high marks in both areas.

We have most recently engaged The Energists in another challenging search and look forward to a similar successful outcome.

The Energists know the E&P sector extremely well. They have hundreds, if not thousands, of up to date contacts with business leaders in our industry. They are exceptional in understanding the hard and necessary soft skills that are required when seeking high impact candidates. And possibly most important, the team at The Energists are exceptional listeners. They listen to what it is we are looking for, and bring us a very short list of targeted candidates that exactly match our requirements. They do the opposite of the ‘shot gun approach’, they are laser focused on what our needs are. I highly recommend The Energists…They are knowledgeable, fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with.”

Sierra Resources, LLC
John Campbell, COO

“One of [our] biggest challenges in creating the first of a new Canadian asset class of ‘foreign asset income trusts’ was finding quality energy sector talent in the Houston market. We needed an experienced Vice President of Operations to lead our expansion efforts in the United States. The Energists were quick to respond and provided us with a number of excellent candidates to choose from. They quickly digested our needs, our culture and the opportunities which our company offers. They were able to effectively communicate those key elements to the Houston market. I expect The Energists to continue to provide sound advice to [us]as we grow our company.”

Eagle Energy Trust
Richard W. Clark, President and CEO

“I have known The Energists team for over 25 years. My experience and observations of their work includes utilization of their search expertise to fill key technical and leadership positions. I was also the successful candidate on one of their executive searches. During this time span, I have used The Energists services to build successful teams in three different E&P companies. We retained The Energists for senior leadership positions in corporate planning and Director of Reservoir Engineering as well as, most recently, a new Director of Exploration, both of which have been promoted to company officers. All in all, The Energists identified and secured 19 high impact players for [us]. We [..]are very pleased and consider it a coup The Energists was able to identify, attract and secure such value building performers. Over the years I have had the opportunity to evaluate a number of other search firms. In my opinion none have compared with The Energists in their depth of understanding and recognition of the value drivers of the E&P industry.”

Ultra Petroleum Corporation
William R. (Bill) Picquet, Senior Vice President of Operations

“The Energists recruited and secured several candidates that surpass the common standard in the industry regarding capabilities, integrity, and personality. They sourced top-tier individuals that meet [our] standard of excellence and the next generation of leadership in the space we occupy. The Energists also possess the uncanny ability to engage the high performance candidates that are happy in their current position and are not seeking other opportunities. The Energists understood what we needed and are extremely efficient. As [our company]continues to progress and remain ahead of the market, we will definitely be using The Energists to find our people, and highly recommend using their services.”

Ralph Eads, Vice Chairman

“With the formation of our company, we needed to expand the geoscience team by adding a highly skilled and accomplished Explorationist. As a tightly knit, highly focused team, the difficulty of finding the perfect candidate was compounded by the necessity of ensuring the right personality, cultural and philosophical synergies were also matched. The Energists not only found this person, but they found him within a week, and he reported for work within the month. They are fast, professional, and an overall pleasure to work with. They don’t waste time, and they understand what their clients need. I highly recommend using their services.”

Grenadier Energy II
Pat Noyes, President and CEO

“The firm has made a number of successful private equity investments in the last several years… I was referred to The Energists by a fellow Board of Directors member of one of our portfolio companies.

We met with and evaluated The Energists as well as other well-known Executive Search firms. I am very pleased we selected The Energists for some key search engagements. They understood our needs, quickly grasped the technical and cultural requirements of the positions and were expedient in assembling, and presenting candidates and filling these critical need positions. I am very pleased with The Energists team. They clearly understand the oil and gas business, key factors determining a search’s success, and where/how to engage appropriate executives for their clients’ needs. We will continue to utilize The Energists for key leadership positions in the future.”

CCMP Capital
Karl Kurz, Managing Director

“Recently, Encap made the strategic decision to expand our executive team to include a technical leader at the Managing Director level. We sought a special candidate that surpasses common standards regarding engineering capability, commercial savvy, integrity and personality. This role requires an accomplished petroleum engineering executive with the confidence and requisite skills to work with Encap leadership as well as our portfolio company executives identifying and selecting our fund investments and follow on performance enhancement and evaluation. The Energists brought the best and brightest candidates that fit these specific needs. Engaging The Energists on this crucial search saved us considerable time and energy. I highly recommend using their services.”

EnCap Investments
Robert L. Zorich, Managing Partner

“Since 2000, and with three separate companies, I have utilized The Energists on numerous important search engagements. Most recently, The Energists secured for us our Production Manager and Completions Manager, who since has been promoted to officer, and our new Vice President of Exploration. The Energists has also been successful in conducting several key Technical contributor searches in Engineering/Operations and Geosciences in Midland, Texas.

The Energists is composed of highly seasoned search professionals who truly understand the E&P business. Their ability to source and attract high quality talent for their clients is top notch. They have saved me a tremendous amount of time and provided outstanding talent. The firm has earned my respect and has produced excellent results. I highly recommend them.”

Laredo Petroleum
Jerry R. Schuyler, Chief Operating Officer

“To date, The Energists has concluded over 37 searches in geology, geophysics, operations, reservoir, drilling, completions and subsea engineering, international business development and technology for our company, and has earned our confidence in their ability to deliver a diverse range of highly qualified technical specialists.”

Howard Kewney, Director of Human Resources

“The Energists has conducted over 30 searches on Newfield’s behalf, and has done a good job of scouting and attracting those candidates with entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise. This has helped Newfield to sustain its growth and establish itself as a leading operator in the Gulf of Mexico. ”

Newfield Exploration Company
Joe B. Foster, Chairman (Former)

“Since 1981, I have utilized The Energists as a key search partner in over 30 engagements where they successfully sourced, recruited, and helped on-board critical management and technical experts in Well Engineering and Drilling/Completion operations. This experience spans my tenure with two major oil companies, Sohio and BP, as well as two independents. In fact, The Energists placed me in a Drilling Management role … after my retirement from BP.

The Energists takes the time to understand our company including our existing staff and our plans for the future. Using this information, they have been very effective at short listing candidates that fit our needs. Their ability to put the right candidate in the right situation at the right time in their career is clearly a distinguishing trait.
Beyond search activities, I have found The Energists to also be a very effective resource for collecting and synthesizing intelligence data on industry compensation and incentive program trends and practices. They are very much “in the line of traffic” as it relates to the global wells Drilling and Completion market place.
Over the years The Energists has proven to be a trustworthy and effective business partner and I highly recommend the Firm.”

Murphy E&P Company
David Harris, Vice President, Worldwide Drilling

“At a time of significant growth within Chesapeake Energy, The Energists were able to locate and recruit people that we would not have been able to find on our own. The caliber of candidates, the manner and professionalism in which they were attracted to our company resulted in a number of very successful management and technical additions to the Chesapeake team. It is apparent that The Energists know the E&P industry, the value drivers, the skills required for success and are adept at securing the right people. Since 2002 The Energists have delivered 40+ key players that have greatly advanced Chesapeake’s growth, especially in unconventional resource plays.”

Chesapeake Energy
Aubrey McClendon, Chairman & CEO

“Since inception, Percussion has always targeted high-impact leaders in their respective discipline to join our team. The Energists’ have helped us to locate and recruit key players for our team that contributed to the overall success of our process. Those identified by The Energists not only had the technical and administrative ability, but also fit our fast-paced company culture. They are a trusted resource, and we will work with their group in the future.”

Percussion Petroleum
John H Campbell III, CEO
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