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The great energy transition – not the first, and likely not the last that may require the services of a recruiter. How will the power and utilities ecosystem evolve as participants seek cleaner power and economies move further down the road to electrification? How will Power & Utilities relationship with Oil & Gas and Renewables change in future? That’s when an experienced, energy-focused executive recruitment service can prove exceptionally helpful.

This current shift is attracting much investment and media attention however, it is more complex than it may first appear. Grid modernization vs off-grid vs micro-grid; BESS vs natural gas (for intermittency mitigation); biodiesel transition and the repurposing of process and midstream infrastructure; new fuel sources for generation (e.g. wind, solar, hydrogen, geothermal, ssLNG, tidal, biomass etc); and the nuclear opportunity cost question (CAPEX vs OPEX).

The power and utilities industry is expected to lead this transition; both public and private sectors are witnessing significant changes in technology, customer expectations, business models, and regulatory environments.

Meeting these challenges frequently requires changes in executive, and other key contributor, profiles. That is when an experienced, energy-focused executive recruitment service can prove exceptionally helpful.

Senior leadership positions and hard-to-hire technical managers, VPs and directors can be difficult to onboard, leading to delays in achieving strategic objectives. Is that the position your organization finds itself in now?

Increasing the public sector gene pool, whether at the state or municipality level, by pulling talent from the private sector is an area where we have some experience.

Today, the power and utilities community is pretty tight. Recruiting the right talent and engaging a professional who is not otherwise in the market for a career change is difficult. When your internal efforts have failed to attract the talent you need, you need to contact The Energists recruitment agency and executive search specialists.


Since the fundamental principles of electricity generation were discovered in the 1820s, the “energy mix” has evolved as new sources of power have come available. Today, driven by increasing environmental concerns, changes in this mix are now evolving at a rapid pace. Moreover, changes in generation scale and architecture add to sector complexity. The Energists recruiters are fuel source agnostic and enjoys working with some of the largest integrated utilities, and smallest IPPs out there.


Energy and commodities concerns including utilities, industrial firms, government agencies and trading houses are dealing with a high rate of change. Outside fundamental regulatory and energy mix changes, FinTech, advanced analytics, new niche products and increased competitive dynamics lend dynamism to the sector. Whether you are planning and procuring molecules/electrons, or trading for risk or financial purposes, The Energists recruiting team is here to help you navigate the talent map.


A recent surge in proposed generation resources continues to drive up interconnection requests across the United States. Regardless of where you are in the world, it is likely you have a looming major transmission buildout if for no other reason than to accommodate the transmission upgrades needed to bring these new facilities online. Coupled with potential market reforms ahead and new technology trends around off-grid, smart grid, and microgrid etc., the transmission sector is attracting a lot of attention and investment.


The distribution sub-sector is not immune to the changes affecting the power and utilities domain. Market and technology changes, including the electrification of the transportation sector, are creating challenges for owners and operators whether in the private or public sector. Whether your system distributes electricity, natural gas, steam, water, telecommunications, or compressed air – call The Energists recruiters on a no-obligation basis for a confidential discussion around your needs.

Utility Services

A diverse mix of enterprises makes up the utility services sub-sector. From the EPCs, design consultancies, technology innovators, energy storage aggregators, cyber security providers, and O&M specialists, the list goes on. Whatever your needs, The Energists recruitment team has you covered.

Case Study - Restructing With The Assistance of a Professional Executive Recruiting Firm

The Problem

A national engineering consulting firm specializing in structural engineering services desired to focus its commitment to the power industry by creating a distinct subsidiary brand based in the Southern United States. This change was designed to provide power & utilities clients with more expertise, more attention, and the kind of service the parent has built its reputation on. To make this change, there was a need to engage with recruiters to fill the newly created roles.

The Solution

After receiving a detailed high-level briefing from the client, our team made various recommendations on structure before our recruiting consultants launched the search process relying heavily on industry relationships, as well as desk-based research. Within 45 days we had identified, interviewed, vetted and arranged client interviews with multiple candidates. The client wanted to make an offer to two and, in conjunction and cooperation with the Client, The Energists successfully contributed to closing the candidates, accommodating all parties’ respective wants and needs.

The Outcome

The company recently successfully launched its new Power Services division. Two of the three-person leadership team were sourced by The Energists; one specializing in Substation, the other in P&C. We also deployed Talent Optimization solutions, including Predictive Index, as part of the go forward human capital plan as it pertains to the development of high performing teams.

How We Can Help

We can you help find top power and utilities talent across the globe. We have a presence in the following cites: Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Al-Khobar, Austin, Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Damman, Denver, Dhahran, Dubai, Glasgow, Houston, Limassol, London, Los Angeles, Manama, Manchester, Mexico City, Midland, Minot, New York, Nicosia, Oklahoma City, Perth, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney and Tulsa.

Typical Roles We Fill in Power & Utilities Recruitment and Executive Search

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