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While growth remains moderate in the Power & Utilities sector, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a role for the right recruiter and executive search team. Changes in technology, customer expectations, and an uncertain regulatory environment are rapidly shaping new business models for firms to operate within. Meeting those changes frequently requires changes in executive profiles. That’s when an experienced, energy-focused executive recruitment service can prove exceptionally helpful.

Senior leadership positions and hard-to-hire technical managers, VPs and directors can be difficult to onboard, leading to delays in achieving strategic objectives. Is that the position your organization finds itself in now?  The power and utilities community is pretty tight. Recruiting the right talent and recruiting a professional who is not otherwise in the market for a career change is difficult. When your internal efforts have failed to attract the talent you need, you need to contact The Energists recruitment agency and executive search specialists.

Case Study - When Santa's Gift is a Professional Executive Recruiting Firm

The Problem

A municipal utility located in the midwest contacted The Energists with an urgent request for an Executive Vice President of Operations. Despite their best internal efforts and engagements with executive recruiters, the position, whose responsibility included leading the utility through a new strategic vision, remained open. “I need to fill this slot by Christmas or I’ll get fired,” shared the Director of Human Resources. Enough said.

The Solution

After receiving a detailed briefing from the client, our recruiting consultant responsible for Power & Utilities launched the search process relying heavily on industry relationships. Within 40 days (well before Christmas) we had identified, interviewed completely vetted and arranged client interviews with three candidates. The client wanted to make an offer to one and The Energists successfully recruited the talent away from current employment to join the utility’s team.

The Outcome

With a qualified and motivated leader at the helm, the utility’s new strategic vision project made measurable improvement ensuring a successful transition to meet new challenges. The Director of Human Resources remains happily employed at the utility.

How We Can Help

We can you help find top power and utilities talent across the globe. We have a presence in the following cites: Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Al-Khobar, Austin, Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dallas, Damman, Denver, Dhahran, Dubai, Glasgow, Houston, Limassol, London, Los Angeles, Manama, Manchester, Mexico City, Midland, Minot, New York, Nicosia, Oklahoma City, Perth, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Sydney and Tulsa.

Typical Roles We Fill in Power & Utilities Recruitment and Executive Search

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