Jonathan Hill

Chairman & CEO

Jonathan has 25 years hands-on operational experience in the upstream industry within the geoscience, drilling and formation evaluation domains. Prior to The Energists, he was VP Marketing & Technology at Schlumberger. Jonathan brings to bear extensive experience in start-up, turn around, divestiture and M&A phases of the business evolutionary cycle in companies of all sizes in various markets around the world. Jonathan holds a double major BS (Hons) in Applied Geology and Business Operations, is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and has served on the technical subcommittees of the Aberdeen and Dhahran chapters of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA).

Dipika Patel


Dipika started her career as an electrical engineer designing electrical systems for commercial buildings and applications. Transitioning into software and systems engineering within aerospace, Dipika focused on core, power, displays, systems, GNCP, and verification testing. Her tenure included working on Boeing’s Starliner and Lockheed Martin’s Orion Program.

Dipika joined The Energists as a consultant having previously pivoted into recruitment for technical, IT, accounting & finance, light & industrial, customer service, and healthcare.

Currently focused on our search mandates within the power, utilities, and renewables, Dipika leverages her early career engineering and technology experiences to great effect.

A first-generation Texan, Dipika attended Texas Tech University, where she gained a BS in Physics, and an MS in Electrical Engineering.

Dalia Gohar Moxon


Human Resource Professional with over 15 years’ experience, Dalia graduated from the University of Cairo in Egypt with a BSc in Mass Communications with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Advertisement.
Dalia started her HR career working with multinational corporations in all aspects of expatriate administration from relocation, taxation, and benefits to visa requirements, developing an intricate knowledge of HR policies, procedures and the methods required to ensure compliance. Initially working for Marathon Oil and Amoco Oil in Egypt, later moving into telecoms with VodaFone where she managed Compensation and Benefits.

Returning to the energy sector Dalia joined BG Group as the HR Expat Relations Manager, responsible for onboarding expats, supporting HR related functions/issues, learning/development and the International Graduate program: selection, assessment and recruitment. Whilst in this role Dalia initiated two major projects: a modernization of the HR department, innovating a move to an electronic database system, and a revision of all procedures used in expatriate management, consequently adopted by assets around the world.
Promoted to HR Manager, Dalia and her team were also responsible for obtaining work permits for incoming expats, dealing directly with the Ministry of Petroleum and EGAS, on behalf of BG Group.

Dalia is fluent in English and Arabic. Utilizing her combination of HR skills, government and energy industry experience, Dalia provides particular insight into understanding and meeting our client needs.

Emma Hill

Office and Administration Manager

Emma’s utility career started with BT (British Telecom) wherein she took on roles as Team Manager, Admin Manager, Training Manager, Call Centre Manager, Dual Call Centre Manager, Client Relationship Manager (BT Broadband external call center suppliers), and finally Channel Manager with oversight of all National and International Directory Enquiries call centers. Emma joined the firm after taking a career break to focus on her family, and brings cross functional experience to managing the office as well as functioning as MacGyver of IT/OT systems.

Emma holds a double major BS (Hons) in Computer Programming and Business Operations.

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