Unconventionals Resources Track Record

Since the early 2000s, technical and engineering advances along with considerable financial investment, have enabled the commercial exploitation of unconventional resources, predominantly in North America. Unconventional resource operators have applied techniques such as fracking, horizontal drilling, pad drilling, engineered completions and advanced well placement to prove up resources through the continuous improvement of asset economics.

The technical and commercial learning curves in this market segment have been long and steep, and this will continue as acreage is drilled up; new plays are found in the US and internationally; and energy prices continue to feel pressure.

The Energists has played a key role in the energy industry’s exploitation of unconventional resources, sourcing key technical professionals for our clients in every major unconventional play in the US since 2009. This track record has given us a granularity of expertise down to the basin or field level, and at every stage in the life cycle of an investment.

If you are building or developing a business in the unconventional resources sector, whether in the US or internationally, and whatever the maturity of this business, The Energists can source expertise to de-risk the technical, commercial and strategic questions and challenges that you may be facing.


Over the past decades, oil and gas companies have expanded their exploration for reserves into progressively deeper water depths. Such projects face special challenges such as high costs; deployment of technologies into new environments; long lead times for equipment and installation; flow assurance and an understanding of new jurisdictions and political challenges.

Despite these challenges, these plays and projects continue represent some of the most significant opportunities for the sector. The maximization of successful execution of these opportunities requires the very best people with the most current knowledge of the challenges that will be faced.

The Energists is ideally placed to assist our clients in this sector. Not only do we have access to the best people within the E&P companies operating in these environments, but we also have a deep understanding and contact with the service companies that are an integral part of any successful operation.


Since the first documented Lake Erie subsea completion in 1943, subsea engineering has become an important yet technically challenging aspect of the offshore petroleum industry. Similarly, subsea technology is a highly specialized field with particular demands on engineering and simulation.

Continuous technological advances lead to improve recovery rates from subsea wells and while continued commodity price pressure has resulted in a macro scale slow down, subsea engineering is considered to offer one of the few areas of resilience against this backdrop. The Energists continues to play a key role in advising our operator and OFS clients in the subsea sector, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico.


Through our network, The Energists play a key role in the advising of clients as they consider opportunities to enter the A&D market.

A key aspect of all transactions is careful due diligence of the assets under consideration in order to understand the risks and uncertainties associated with assets, and to minimize the risk of title or contractual deficiencies.

The Energists are a key partner in this process, able to provide teams or individuals for the technical, commercial or legal evaluation of assets, and thereafter providing key technical personnel to manage and exploit the investment.

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