In Phoenix, the energy industry is principally viewed as an expense rather than an opportunity to improve the quality of life. Not surprisingly, Phoenix has established energy goals focusing on the reduction of energy use. To achieve this, the city participates in the Better Buildings Challenge whose goal is to reduce energy use in municipal buildings by 20% of 2009 levels by 2020. Despite a heavy investment in digital energy management systems, the city is not on track to hit the goal. With a nod to reducing emissions, the city’s Sustainable Fleet Strategy goals include reaching 65% of the fleet being clean or alternative fuel vehicles by 2020. Currently 2% of the fleet are energy efficient hybrids or EVs. One bright light in the Phoenix energy scene, is actually 100,000 lights. Phoenix is in the process of replacing conventional bulbs in streetlights with energy efficient LED lighting making it the largest LED streetlight project in the country.

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