Hunt Scanlon Select Guide to Top 250 Executive Search Firms


March 13, 2024


Jon Hill


Firm News

Yesterday Hunt Scanlon Media released its Select Guide to Top 250 Executive Search Firms in the United States. We are very happy to be featured and extend our gratitude to Hunt Scanlon as well as everyone who helped us get where we are today. All of us at The Energists are so happy to be partnering with great clients, candidates, advisors and vendors as we continue our mission in executive search and advisory services.

For more information, Hunt Scanlon’s report can be accessed here.

To echo Hunt Scanlon’s commentary, the executive search industry is a dynamic space as our clients, regardless of their governance structure, prioritize talent in a changing world. Selecting the right search and recruiting partner is crucial. Contrary to the past belief that bigger is better, firms of all sizes and specialties are now poised to effectively address the bespoke needs of hiring organizations.

The Energists’ own niches within energy (power & utilities, oil & gas) and energy intensive industry (manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation) have seen tremendous change over the last 10-years. This is likely to continue in the post-COVID, geopolitically tense environment we find ourselves in today.

“Executive recruiters play an increasingly vital role in today’s dynamic business environment. Whether it’s tapping into diverse talent pools, leveraging industry-specific expertise, or streamlining the hiring process, search firms serve as invaluable assets in identifying and securing top-tier talent,” said Hunt Scanlon president Christopher Hunt.

We look forward to engaging further with Chis, Scott and the rest of the team at Hunt Scanlon.

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