The Energists are your power & utilities recruiter specialists in Al Khobar. We have a deep understanding of the job market from both the employer and candidate perspective.

While growth remains moderate in the Power & Utilities sector, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a role for the right recruiter. Changes in technology, customer expectations, and an uncertain regulatory environment are rapidly shaping new business models for firms to operate within. Meeting those changes frequently requires changes in executive profiles. That’s when an experienced, energy-focused executive recruitment service can prove exceptionally helpful.

Senior leadership positions and hard-to-hire technical managers, VPs and directors can be difficult to onboard, leading to delays in achieving strategic objectives. Is that the position your organization finds itself in now?  The power and utilities community is pretty tight. Finding the right talent and recruiting a professional who is not otherwise in the market for a career change is difficult. When your internal efforts have failed to attract the talent you need, you need to contact The Energists recruitment agency.

Who We Are

We are a specialist executive search firm operating exclusively in the energy industry. Established in 1979, our team comprises former energy industry executives, technical experts and functional professionals. This direct industry experience helps reduce risk and adds value for our clients.

What We Do

We have two interrelated practice areas: (1) executive search and; (2) advisory and professional learning.

Our services help address clients’ talent and knowledge needs, catalyzing the achievement of key business goals.

What We Think

Over the years we have seen many business cycles and trends. Today, within the context of Industry 4.0, our core opinions remain unchanged:

  • Skills, knowledge and behaviors are all important.
  • Every business is a people business.
  • Specialization is key.
  • Integrity is paramount.

Typical Roles We Fill in Al Khobar

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